AR/MR/VR Tools

A library of tools reviewed and trialled during the Project by the Partners as well as by Teachers participating in the Teacher Trainings follows. The list is also hosted in the EL STEM Online Professional Development Program, Module 5, at

Tool Name Website (the Tool name should point to this link) Tutorials/ Guides Example Showcases
Arloon Teach with ARLOON apps (text instructions on how to use the apps in a classroom ARLOON How to use Augmented Reality
ARLOON Educational Apps
ARLOON Chemistry Example
AR Tutor 2
Blippar Blippar Tutorial Playlist Augmented Reality for education
Entity ENTiTi Reality Creator AR Tutorial (video) ENTiTi Augmented reality creator
Entiti Webinar (course – video)
User Guide (document)
HP Reveal
(ex Aurasma) Full Documentation including text guidelines & video tutorials AR poster using Aurasma
Educators getting started with Aurasma-HP Reveal Science Lesson with Aurasma
Aurasma for education
Metaverse Getting Started video Metaverse intro
Metaverse Showcases
LayAr (part of the Blippar Group) LayAR case studies
Microsoft  ThingLink See Microsoft Site.
Merge Cube
Scratch 3.0
Unity How To: Augmented Reality App Tutorial for Beginners with Vuforia and Unity 3D (video) Augmented Reality Educational Game
Official Tool Manual
Learn Unity (official courses)
ZapWorks Full Documentation including text guidelines & video tutorials & Best Practices STEM learning with AR
(solar system expedition)
Books powered by Zappar come to life in your hands
Lesson Plans for using Zappar