University of the Aegean

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The University of the Aegean (UAegean) was founded in 1984. It is a Network University of “academic ports of studies and research”, successfully established in 6 campuses spread across the Aegean Archipelago and offers a unique academic, natural, cultural and human environment to experience. UAegean has established strong partnerships and effective communication with several National, European and International Universities, Institutions, Organizations, Authorities and the Public. It is a strong social and economic factor and acts as Regional Innovator in the 2 Greek Regions of the Aegean Archipelago: The North Aegean and the South Aegean Region. The plethora of UAegean’s research projects is designed to improve the regional Innovation Capabilities for Human Capital Development, Entrepreneurship & Technology Transfer, Career Development, and Mobility of Researchers (brain-gain).

UAegean has organized and established 90 research laboratories with activities in the following research areas: ICT, Design and Interaction Design, Sustainable Development and Environment, Geography, GIS, Meteorology-Climatology, Transport & Shipping, Culture & Education, Financial, Economic and Social Sciences. The Research Unit of the University of the Aegean is the administrative and managing mechanism. The Research Unit since 1985 has implemented more than 2400 projects for a total amount of 150 million Euros.