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ING is a private SME that aims for R&D in robotics and engineering. The company produces and commercializes new products and know-how in line with the state-of-the-art, promoting the cooperation between public and private institutions, adopting both market-pull and technology-push. ING organizes and promotes events, such as professional training, scientific conferences and educational events of technological nature, as is the case of RobotCraft.

ING was created in 2014 and, as such, its involvement in other research and training programmes is still in an early phase. Nevertheless, the key persons involved in this proposal have participated in multiple projects, including CHOPIN (FCT), TIRAMISU (FP7 SEC), SocialRobot (FP7 IAPP), CogniWin (AAL-JP) and GrowMeUp (H2020). ING is currently the leader of STOP (R&D Project available at, Cooperative Robotic Security Guards (Seguran├žas rob├│Ticos coOPerativos), which is a national project that aims to demonstrate the economic and technical advantages associated with cooperative multi-robot patrolling. This 3-year project is a half a million euros project funded by the Portugal2020 programme (CENTRO-01-0247-FEDER-017562).

ING is a SME familiar with the research and development of disruptive ready-to-market technologies and the promotion of educational robotics activities with 5 paid employees and 2 unpaid employees, comprising 5 M.Sc. and 2 Ph.D. in the fields of engineering and technology.