Helsingin Yliopisto

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Viikki Teacher Training School of Helsinki University is founded in 1869. Since 1924 it has been training future teachers, and in 1969 the school became co-educational. In 1974 it became part of the teacher training unit of the Department of Education (since 2004 the Department of Behavioural Sciences) of the University of Helsinki, and along with that role, the school has also provided furthereducation for in-service teachers.

The school consists of the 10-year comprehensive school (ages 6 to 15), including pre-school, primary school and lower secondary school levels, and the upper secondary school (ages 16 to 18). Pupils (c. 940), teachers (c. 100) and student teachers (c. 250) from the pre-school level to the upper secondary school level operate in the same school building. The educational philosophy of the school is to teach its students skills and knowledge which are needed in the future. Traditions are respected and observed, but the school also emphasises the importance of experimentation and research in a natural school context.