Intellectual Outputs

Accounting for Diversity and Accessibility in European STEM Classrooms

A publication in which recent challenges in project partner countries (CY, EL, FIN, EE, PT) are identified and criteria & Instructional Design of the AR/MR/VR LOs within Remote/Local Labs are developed under the IBSE approach with respect to diversity. The Enlivened Laboratory Methodological Guidelines (ELMG), Learning Objects (LOs) and Lesson Plans (LPs) created during the EL STEM project account for diversity and accessibility in the classroom and the need to engage both male and female students, as well as students from low socioeconomic backgrounds, and with disabilities. The innovation of this IO lies in the combination of IBSE approach and new AR/MR/VR technologies within the educational process to improve 12-18 years old students’ performance and attitudes and to reduce disparities in STEM  outcomes between different EU countries.

Led by University of Tartu (Tartu Ulikool)

Enlivened Laboratory Methodological Guidelines (ELMG)

A multilingual publication providing Methodological Guidelines which primarily addresses Secondary Education Teachers across Europe on how to apply the methodology of the Enlivened Laboratories (EL STEM), in order to create their own Lesson Plans and AR/MR LOs within STEM related courses. The guidelines constitute an innovative IBSE approach for teachers on addressing the main student target group with respect to diversity and accessibility, by providing attractive STEM education and training programs, in line with their individual needs and expectations.

Led by the European University Cyprus (EUC)

The Enlivened Laboratories Library and Toolkits

The Enlivened Laboratories Library and Toolkits resources consist of the collection of Learning Objects (LOs) and Lesson Plans (LPs), combined with the AR/MR/VR tools reviewed by the Partners. The aim is to facilitate the acceleration of using AR/MR/VR technologies with EL STEM methodologies, to increase the student engagement in STEM education.

The environment has been seeded with initial Lesson Plans and AR/MR/VR contents produced by the project partners. In the future it is expected to host additional contributions produced by teachers and students across Europe.

The Library resources are included in the online Teacher Training Curriculum (hosted by OUC at, and are provided as OER to teachers and students across Europe and beyond, to visit, learn, enjoy and contribute.

Led by the Open University of Cyprus (OUC)

Multilingual Blended Teachers’ Training Curriculum

The EL STEM project developed and pilot tested a blended Teacher Training Program for Secondary Level education teachers. The Teacher Training aims at developing teachers’ knowledge and their competences in AR/MR/VR technologies for teaching using the EL STEM approach.


More than 100 teachers were trained locally in Cyprus, Greece, Estonia and Finland. Furthermore, additional teachers followed the self-paced course from the online EL STEM Learning environment.


The Teacher Training Curriculum is provided freely as OER via the EL STEM online Learning environment, hosted by OUC at

Led by the European University Cyprus (EUC)

Augmented/Mixed Reality Learning Objects (LOs) and Lesson Plans (LPs) for Remote and/or Local Laboratories within STEM Courses

The initial Enlivened Laboratories Learning Objects (LOs) and Lesson Plans (LPs) were designed and created by Partners for use in the Blended Teachers’ Training.


The methods and teaching strategies used by LPs are based on Project EL STEM key Intellectual Outputs “Enlivened Laboratories Methodological Guidelines (ELMG)”  and “Accounting for Diversity and Accessibility in STEM Classrooms”, which form the pedagogical foundations of the Project.


The Library includes Teacher LO and LP contributions, submitted after the completion of their training. The teaching and learning activities include student and teacher activities based on specific Learning Objectives, while the assessment methods aim to provide information about the student motivation, progress and achievement.


All the LOs, LPs and the AR/MR/VR tool suggestions comprising the EL STEM Library and Toolkits are offered freely as OER in Module 5 of the online Teacher Training Curriculum.

Led by Helsingin Yliopisto and Doukas Ekpaideftiria AE