Metaverse Tool and Application

Metaverse Tool and Application

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Metaverse changes the way students can interact with the physical classroom and/or laboratory. Discover existing Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, create your own AR/MR Learning Objects, and share them with your students.

Thousands of teachers and students are creating AR in their classrooms. It is so easy to create that grade school kids can do it!

Prepare your own quizes/games or use existing ones and attach them to a target QR code. Then, point any QR code reader of your mobile phone/tablet at the target image and live the magic!



STEPS to create your Metaverse Learning Object and share it within the EL-STEM Library


STEP 1: Use these tutorials to create your Metaverse experience


STEP 2: Publish your Metaverse QR codes


STEP 3: Use the Metaverse App or any QR code reader to run your experience


STEP 4: Live the magic!



Basic Video Tutorials


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