How to create my own Lesson Plan supported by Augmented Reality

How to create my own Lesson Plan supported by Augmented Reality

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Follow Steps 1 – 5 and create your own Lesson Plan supported by Augmented Reality!



Feel free to use our EL-STEM Template to write down your Lesson Plan


You still can’t come up with an idea for using Augmented Reality in classroom? Take a look at our list with ideas!


Added value of AR in your STEM-courses


  • show additional content on your students’ books (NOT ONLY engagement, curiosity, but also, critical thinking, inquiry, exploration)

(e.g. 3D objects, videos, images, additional information created with an AR tool, interactive material).


  • provide tips and/or solutions for students’ worksheets/ classroom exercises/ homework.

(e.g. voice tips provided with AR on specific activities on a worksheet, theory from the school text-books, some formulas to reach a result).


  • add quizzes (or even better AR activities) at different points of a total lesson plan either as a previous knowledge reminder or current knowledge evaluation.


  • organize competitions/games

(e.g. hidden treasure, hide AR trigger images in different places in, or even out of the class, and motivate your students to find the hidden knowledge!).


  • enhance STE(A)M

(e.g. include AR content from different subjects during a course, such as an avatar of Einstein could remind something concerning physics while students are taught mathematics).


  • enhance inquiry-based learning

(e.g. include AR content at different points of a classroom or book or other objects of a laboratory, allowing students to investigate and reach their own results on a specific topic).


  • posters/ exhibitions with the summary (revision) of the school year (or shorter time). Let your students have the role of a creator! They will have to understand the topics first and then present them!


  • self presentation… Let them present their results/conclusions on their own way!



Follow Steps 1 – 5 and share your Lesson Plan with the AR teachers community!



You should be very careful when typing a tag (Step 3), to avoid typographical/syntactical/spelling errors, and prefer lowercase characters. Suggested tags should include some or all of the below mentioned:


  • Age range (e.g. 14-15, 12, 15-18)
  • Scientific field(s) (e.g. STEM, STEAM, Science, Mathematics, Computer Science)
  • Pedagogical Approach (e.g. inquiry-based learning)
  • AR tool/application used (e.g. HP Reveal, Metaverse, Unity)
  • Language (e.g. English, Greek, Estonian, Finnish)


Step 5 (FILES) is very important, as it allows other teachers to get a total idea of the LP, including all the additional material, and be able to reuse it. The files could include some or all of the below mentioned:


  • A document (.doc or .pdf file – or other file formats if preferred) or a number of documents (e.g. in case each lesson of an interdisciplinary approach is described separately), based on the EL-STEM template
  • A .zip file (or other formats of compressed files), including any additional content accompanying the LP, such as AR/MR LOs, videos, images, QR codes, additional documents, worksheets etc.
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