HP Reveal Application

HP Reveal Application

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HP Reveal changes the way students can interact with the physical classroom and/or laboratory. Discover existing Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, create your own AR/MR Learning Objects, and share them with your students. Use HP Reveal to turn traditional educational objects (images, laboratory objects etc.) into new, interactive experiences.


Prepare your own videos/images or use existing ones and attach them to a target image to create your AURA. Then, point the camera of your mobile phone/tablet at the target image through the app and live the magic!




STEPS to create your Aura and share it within the EL-STEM Library


STEP 1: Open the HP Reveal app at your smartphone/tablet


STEP 2: Click on the “+” button on the top


STEP 3: Take a picture of your trigger image

(notice the bar on the top which indicates how well the image will scan)


STEP 4: Select the overlay from your device or the existing library

(you can also record your own overlay using the camera of your device)


STEP 5: Set the overlay on the trigger image


STEP 6: Save your Aura in your public folder and share it with other!


Remember that your students need to follow your account in order to be able to view your Auras!


Note: The HP Reveal Studio is not available since July 2019. Auras can be created and shared only through the application.



Basic Video Tutorials


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