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Lesson Plan Information

STEM Disciplines: Curriculum alignment:
Topic: Duration:
Age Range: Language:

Prior Knowledge and Skills Needed

(Prior knowledge is the knowledge the learner already has before they meet new information)

What prior experiences, knowledge and skills do the learners bring with them to this learning experience?


ICT skills,

specific knowledge on a topic

previous experience on using mobile devices

Learning Outcomes

(Learning outcomes are what students are expected to learn after completing the lesson plan)

Use Action Verbs for Student Learning Outcomes


Knowledge (list, state, define, relate, recognize etc.)

Comprehension (explain, describe, express, summarize, classify, compare, discuss, review etc.)

Application (apply, perform, use, solve, role-play, demonstrate etc.)

Analysis (analyze, inspect, distinguish, critique, diagnose, measure, experiment, debate etc.)

Synthesis (develop, revise, compose, plan, collect, establish, prepare, design, modify etc.)

Evaluation (review, justify, argue, conclude, evaluate, measure, support etc.)

Pedagogical Approaches (Instructional Strategies ? )

(Teacher approach to helping students achieve the learning objectives and meet their needs)

Which pedagogical approach(es) could be applied to implement the suggested lesson plan?


game-based learning, place-based learning, participatory simulations, inquiry-based learning, problem-based learning, role-playing, studio-based pedagogy, and jigsaw method

Learning Activities

(Tasks provided for students to develop knowledge and skills of the learning objectives based on the selected instructional strategies)

Describe the different tasks of the inquiry-based learning phases


Orientation, Conceptualization, Investigation, Conclusion and Discussion.

These phases could also be enriched with components of other pedagogical approaches defined above

Assessment and Evaluation

(Assessment(s) before, during, and after the lesson)

If applicable.

Summative, formative


(Educational material / equipment/ services/ facilities)

What do I need in order to complete this lesson?


internet connection at least 8Mbps

Android smartphones

iOs smartphones

Additional Information/ Comments

What else could be of additional value for the implementation of the Lesson Plan?

Mention the authors/contributors (teachers that collaborated) for this Lesson Plan.

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