How to create your own AR/MR Learning Object

How to create your own AR/MR Learning Object

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Digital learning objects include many interesting and engaging activities that invite the learners to experiment with the educational content. The key to create a successful learning object is to respond to one learning objective at a time. An AR/MR Learning Object is a digital object created with any AR application/tool selected by the teacher, to implement educational tasks supported by AR/MR technologies.


According to research, a great way to explain the concept of a learning object is to use the analogy of the LEGO™ building blocks: small units that can be fitted together any number of ways to produce customized learning experiences (Hodgins & Conner, 2000). The New Media Consortium (NMC) describes learning objects as follows: a learning object is any grouping of materials that is structured in a meaningful way and is tied to an educational objective. The “materials” in a learning object can be documents, pictures, simulations, movies, sounds, and so on.


STEP 1: Choose the learning objective of your Lesson Plan you want to focus on and think of a scenario for your Learning Object.


STEP 2: Select one of the Tools for AR/MR we suggest (or one of your choice) to create your own AR/MR Learning Object OR use an existing AR/MR Learning Object.


STEP 3: Use the relevant manuals to create your own AR/MR Learning Object.


STEP 4: Pilot and receive feedback concerning the AR/MR Learning Object.


STEP 5: Share your AR/MR Learning Object with us!

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